Miami Photowalk's Urban Adventure!

Miami Photowalk Members Take A Tropical Urban Hike 

I've wanted to lead this photowalk for over a year, and after having to reschedule due to rain, I watched the weather forecast in the two weeks leading up to the event. Rain, more rain, thunderstorms... Then a few days out, the forecast was updated to beautiful weather with nearly a chance of rain!  And so twenty or so of group, that now boasts membership of nearly 600 photographers, arrived at Miami's Intercontinental Hotel.

The event started as most do, as I provide a brief introduction and teach, the regulars, Juan, Cristina, and crew make the new attendees feel at home. This walk was special to me. Why? It was the first meet up after I finished my degree, the age range of participants ranged from 10 through many years retired. Equally, I was excited the meet up attracted a diverse mix of visitors from outside the U.S.   

When I arrived, Alex was already there. He was on layover from Dubai. Up for many hours,  it felt like late afternoon for him.  Joining along the way were talented and interesting folk from Russia, China, Canada, France, and residents of South Florida who are a cacophony of heritages.